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The Joseph & Racheline Barda Chair for the Study and Research of Jewish Heritage In Egypt

Chair's Head:
Prof. Tamar Zewi
Prof. of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Department of Hebrew Language at the University of Haifa
Advisory Academic Committee:

Prof. Devorah Dimant
Emeritus professor at the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa
(formerly Head of the George and Florence Wise Chair in Judaism in the Ancient World)

Prof. Menachem Kellner
Emeritus professor of Jewish Thought at the Department of Jewish History, University of Haifa 
(formerly Head of the Sir Isaac and Lady Edith Wolfson Chair in Jewish Religious Thought

Prof. Norman (Noam) Stillman
Professor of Jewish and Israeli Studies, University of Oklahoma

The chair will support academic research of the history, society, culture, daily life, languages, religion, economy, etc. of the Jewish community in Egypt throughout its existence, as well as the contribution of its members in the Diaspora in all these aspects. The chair will hold academic conferences dedicated to these topics, it will promote cooperation among scholars around the world working on them, and encourage their study.