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On 14th October 2013 the Chair was inaugurated at a touching ceremony attended by more than 100 invitees who listened to nostalgic songs performed by a student of the Music Department of the University, accompanied by his oud. There was not a dry eye in the audience.

The Master of Ceremony was Dr. Moshe Lavee, Department of Jewish History who also spoke of the importance of remembering the History of our Community.

Professor Uri M. Kupferschmidt, delivered a very interesting talk on the contributions to the Egyptian administration by “Uncle Isaac and Dr. Isaac G. Levi”.

The President of the University Mr. Amos Shapira spoke eloquently of importance of memory.

Then Dr. Racheline Barda talked about her research and the multi-layered identity of the Jews of Egypt that enabled them to adapt wherever they settled.

Joe then thanked all the the people who gave him support over the previous six years.

And incumbent Prof. Tamar Zewi closed the meeting with a solemn promise to engage in a enthusiastic program to ensure the memory of our community will not die.

Joe & Racheline Barda

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